Think encaustic cement tiles – think Vietnam !

Encaustic cement tiles are made from Portland cement by hydraulic pressing machine.

At the end of 19th century, in Viviers – near the first Portland cement factories of France, cement tiles started to be produced. By the beginning of 20th century, cement tiles became popular in Europe and also the United States of America.

Back to history, Vietnam used to be a colony of the French. When the French came to Vietnam, they also brought the technique for cement tile production. Setting up a small factory for making cement tile was not complicated – just the hydraulic press and the rest could be done by hand. The Vietnamese people were so good at making things by hand, so it was absolutely not difficult for Vietnamese workers to make sophisticated patterns on encaustic cement tiles.

When encaustic cement tiles started to be made in Vietnam, they were considered high-grade material for flooring and were used in many constructions such as churches, villas,… Cement tiles gradually got a better marketplace in buildings and houses in Vietnam.  It can be said that encaustic cement tiles had become the hallmark of Vietnamese architecture at the beginning of the 20th century.

Around the middle of the 20th century, in Sai Gon, there were a number of small household run production bases, mostly located right in the center of old Sai Gon. Since then, making encaustic cement tiles had become a tradition of Vietnam. Starting after the French but the Vietnamese could make it better thanks to all the social and cultural conditions.

A certain time after the liberization of the country, encaustic cement tile production in Vietnam was sharply falling. Cement tiles were considered very cheap tiles for the poors. Cement tiles were used in public places like schools, hospitals,… After that, ceramic tiles had come and taken the market. Many small production bases had been closed down.  From the 80s to the 90s, Vietnamese tradition for encaustic cement tile was shrinking.

The new 21st century has marked the return of encaustic cement tile production in Vietnam. The economy of Vietnam has grown up with the development of big and professional manufacturers. Joining the encaustic cement tile production as late as 2006 but seeing the growing trend of encaustic cement tiles worldwide, being enchanted by the beauty of encaustic cement tiles, wishing to recover the tradition for encaustic cement tile production of Vietnam, having the ambition to incorporte latest technologies and know-hows into the cement tile production process – that make Secoin have a strong determination to bring a new life to Vietnam encaustic cement tiles.

Secoin is making its best efforts to bring Vietnam encaustic cement tiles to the world. We want the world to think of Vietnam as Number 1 country in making high quality encaustic cement tiles.

Think encaustic cement tiles – think Vietnam !

An old machine from French time

Find more about encaustic cement tiles at http://www.vietnamtile.com


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